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You are requesting a free listing for a party or conferencing venue. There is no charge for these entries as they are supported by third party advertising.

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If your venue already has a listing and you simply wish to make changes or corrections, please provide the full name of the venue and then complete only the parts of the form which need to be changed. We'll take care of it from there.


Please provide full public-facing contact details for someone who can answer enquiries and take bookings.


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Please answer the following questions relating to specifics. If any do not apply to you, leave them blank or set to the default value.

 What is the maximum SEATED capacity of your LARGEST SINGLE function room?

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 What is the MAXIMUM car parking capacity in your own grounds? If none, enter 0

 Including nearby public areas, what is the realistic MAXIMUM car parking availability?

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Parties & Private Hires

Are there any limitations in respect of private hires that we need to know about? Examples include not accepting 18th/21st birthday parties, or licence restrictions which might mean no music after a certain time, etc.


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